• Admin pages redesigned with responsive layouts and greater emphasis on content.
  • Inline tooltip icons provide help for advanced options.
  • System names can now be edited when adding a new item.
  • Admin pages now remember which tab you were on after saving.
  • Warning added before deleting items.
  • More information shown on admin list screens by default.
  • Many language improvements.
  • Many bug fixes.


  • New importer/exporter allows you to easily back up and move your configurations.
  • New set of icons for your custom content types.
  • Better support for default WordPress functionality in custom content types like main title and content areas.
  • New “Rich Text” field type.
  • Taxonomies and terms can now be created while adding a field.
  • Connection types can now be created and synced while adding a field.
  • Connection types now support more than one content type per side.


  • New search widget allows you to place searches in any widget area.
  • Reorganized admin page to remove Results tab.
  •  New “offset” option.
  •  Easier “order by” option.
  • More flexible results/no result messaging.
  • Searches can now generate content based on the current page.
  • Adding search form fields is now streamlined.
  •  Better search field term ordering.
  •  Better support for only showing form or results, and for searches with no form.


  • Creating template blocks is now streamlined with fewer steps.
  • Template block options now better organized.
  • Templates can now be assigned a “theme location” to make them appear wherever desired.
  • Templates can now make use of universal placeholders such as [url] and [id].
  •  Displaying taxonomy terms is now more flexible.


  • New submission widget allows you to place submission forms in any widget area.
  • New submissions’ status now set to publish by default instead of auto-draft
  • Added default permissions for new forms.