The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Everyday Management Made Easier with SmartSimian

The Scottish Rite Freemasons needed a simple way for entry-level WordPress administrations to quickly push out their vast amounts of daily-updated content.

Ever evolving content can be a challenge to optimally organize and display, especially when meeting the needs of Scottish Rite’s dual public and membership audience. 

Using the SmartSimian Creator Plugin Suite, Pongos developers swiftly built content types for easy one-screen administrative management of Scottish Rite’s most common tasks: index page image slide changes, media center additions, House of the Temple and “Artifact of the Week” entries and member Chapter and Valley information edits.  SmartSimian templating allowed for seamless visual implementation with the Pongos-built responsive theme, pulling in styles with minimal configuration.

The Media Center is a “one-stop shop” for Scottish Rite news-hounds, featuring articles, podcasts, videos and images, highlighting the Scottish Rite Masons’ history, philanthropic work and membership activity within the greater community.