The Standard Bundle includes the three central plugins of the SmartSimian suite: Creator, Templates, and Queries. Design your content with Creator, customize how it should be displayed with Templates, and then display it with Queries. These three plugins work great in concert with each other, and are useful on any site.


  • smartsimian-creatorCreate custom content types (custom post types)
  • Create custom fields — text boxes, rich text editors (WYSIWYG), date/time fields, checkboxes, links, file uploads, and more
  • Create custom taxonomies — and display as checklist, radio button, and dropdown fields
  • Create connections & relationships between content
  • Import & export configurations


  • smartsimian-templatesCreate custom templates for the entries in your content types – easily display your custom fields, taxonomies, and connections
  • Drag-and-drop interface to control what goes where
  • Override theme templates
  • Create custom user templates


  • smartsimian-queriesCreate custom views, archives, or lists of your content
  • Decide which content to show based on custom rules you specify
  • Control number of entries, order, and pagination
  • Integrate with Templates
  • Add custom search forms
  • Add to your site with widgets or shortcodes