SmartSimian™ Queries allows you to retrieve and display  content, anywhere on your site. With Queries, you can build lists, directories, featured areas, galleries, or any other type of output you need. Queries also allows you to create search forms for any query you create.

“Queries” gets its name from what it does.  As a verb, to query means to search your site’s database to return the content you want to display.  As a noun, a query is that set of content that is then displayed on your site.

Sample uses:

  • Display specific featured articles on your homepage.
  • Display a list of products in your sidebar connected to a particular brand.
  • Display upcoming events ordered by date.
  • Create a virtual gallery of your artwork.
  • Create a complex menu.
  • Create a Resource Directory section of your site that lists thousands of resources, split into multiple pages, with a search form to filter results by keyword, type, or date.

This plugin requires SmartSimian Creator and SmartSimian Templates to function properly.