Need everything? Great, we’ll make it easy for you. This bundle includes all of the SmartSimian Suite plugins:


  • smartsimian-creatorCreate custom content types (custom post types)
  • Create custom fields — text boxes, rich text editors (WYSIWYG), date/time fields, checkboxes, links, file uploads, and more
  • Create custom taxonomies — and display as checklist, radio button, and dropdown fields
  • Create connections & relationships between content
  • Import & export configurations


  • smartsimian-templatesCreate custom templates for the entries in your content types – easily display your custom fields, taxonomies, and connections
  • Drag-and-drop interface to control what goes where
  • Override theme templates
  • Create custom user templates


  • smartsimian-queriesCreate custom views, archives, or lists of your content
  • Decide which content to show based on custom rules you specify
  • Control number of entries, order, and pagination
  • Integrate with Templates
  • Add custom search forms
  • Add to your site with widgets or shortcodes


  • smartsimian-reportsGenerate CSV spreadsheets of your site’s content
  • Control which content is listed according to custom rules you specify
  • Customize the columns in the report – add your custom fields, taxonomies, and connections
  • Save report configurations for future use


  • smartsimian-submissionsCreate submission forms
  • Each submission is saved in the content type you specify
  • Save each form field as a corresponding custom field, taxonomy term, or connection
  • Allow users to save, edit, or delete entries
  • Add to your site with widgets or shortcodes


  • Create Google Maps to display content
  • Map is filterable on location, keyword, and up to two taxonomies
  • Save each map as a reusable instance
  • Add to your site with shortcode
  • Shortcode support attributes to customize maps per page